XML/JSON editor and workflow tool for Windows®

XML ValidatorBuddy is your set of workflow XML tools to edit, validate, transform and manage even a large number of XML and JSON documents. The unique File Explorer with XML related enhancements enables everyone to work with XML and JSON technologies in a convenient and efficient way.

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Manage XML documents Manage your XML documents with ease

Get these benefits with XML ValidatorBuddy

  • Easy to use XML batch validation
  • XML Editor
  • Open and validate huge files
  • Sign XML with Digital Signatures
  • Schematron Editor & validation
  • JSON Editor
  • Convert CSV to JSON or XML
  • JSON well-formed checking
  • JSON auto-completion & syntax-coloring
  • JSON Schema validation


  • XML ValidatorBuddy Desktop

    XML/JSON editor and validator.


  • XMLSpy® plugin

    Easy Schematron validation and enhanced W3C validation. Get all validation errors at once.


  • Command-line XML tool

    Easy to use XML validation from the command-line.



XML ValidatorBuddy v4.8

Release date: February 24th 2014

New Features:

  • Conversions between XML and JSON formats
  • Single-click Well-formed checking of folders
  • Sign multiple XML files with Digital Signatures at once
  • Import CSV files as XML or JSON
  • JSON Editor with auto-completion and syntax-coloring
  • Convert JSON to CSV data
JSON auto completion


I like the integration on one screen of the XML instance, the Schematron file with the easy 'Validate' button and the validation output pane. XML ValidatorBuddy makes Schematron development easier and faster.

J. Tschumperlin, New Zealand

Perfect to validate my huge (above 3GB) XML files!

Piotr Danowski, Poland


XML validator and XML/JSON editor for Windows®

Batch tasks XML validation tool
  • XML validator for W3C XML Schema, DTD, Schematron and RelaxNG
  • Run XML validation from the built-in File Explorer
  • Create XML validation reports
  • Command-line XML tool for batch validation
Large file viewer Open large XML files
  • Open and validate multi-GB documents
  • Well-formed checking and syntax-coloring
  • Inspect and browse huge XML
  • Find XML data and split files with the built-in editor
  • Works with all types of text files
XML editor XML Editor
  • XML editor with syntax-coloring and well-formed checking
  • Find all XML validation errors and fix them quickly
  • Apply XSL transformations and get HTML
  • Built-in XPath Evaluator
  • XML/JSON/CSV conversions
JSON editor JSON Editor
Schematron One-click Schematron validation
  • Leading ISO Schematron environment
  • Schematron editor with auto-completion
  • One click checking of one or multiple files
  • ISO Schematron compliant
  • Also available: Schematron Plugin for XMLSpy®
Digital signatures Sign XML with Digital Signatures
  • Sign and verify your XML documents
  • Work with several files at once with a single click
  • Use key-pairs or passwords
  • Manage certificates with ease


  • complete application
    XML ValidatorBuddy Desktop application
  • validation results
    Quick checking of multiple XML documents
  • schematron plugin
    Schematron plugin for XMLSpy®

XML ValidatorBuddy Desktop Application

XML ValidatorBuddy Desktop is your XML validator and set of XML tools to edit, validate, transform and manage even a large number of XML and JSON documents. The unique File Explorer with XML related enhancements enables everyone to work with XML and JSON technologies in a convenient and efficient way.

application screenshot
  • Validate XML and run XSL transformations for one or multiple files with just a few clicks.
  • XML validator software for W3C, DTD, Schematron, RelaxNG and JSON Schema
  • Find all XML documents with no schema or DTD reference without the need to open them manually.
  • Know instantly which schema or DTD is assigned to your XML documents.
  • Run any XSL transformation as custom user tool with a single click.
  • JSON/XML conversions - JSON syntax checking
  • Sign and verify XML documents with digital signatures..

XML ValidatorBuddy is also a complete JSON editor for Windows®. Edit and create JSON documents faster with the intelligent JSON auto-completion feature and find errors in your JSON files quickly with the built-in syntax checker.

XML ValidatorBuddy XMLSpy® Plugin

The XML ValidatorBuddy plugin adds easy to use Schematron validation and enhanced W3C XML validation to XMLSpy®. This way everyone who uses XMLSpy® has access to powerful rule-based XML validation and the popular Xerces parser to get all validation errors at once.

plugin for XMLSpy
  • Schematron validator for XMLSpy® - Learn more here
  • The only available implementation for Schematron validation in XMLSpy®
  • Perfect to complete the Schematron tutorial of your choice
  • Instant access to all validation errors in the XML with a single click by using the built-in Xerces parser.
  • Jump to error functionality.

Visit the Download page and install the XML ValidatorBuddy Plugin right now.


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System requirements

XML ValidatorBuddy Desktop: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Schematron XMLSpy® Plugin: Requires XMLSpy® 2006 or newer.